Aa覺daki tabloda en sa kolonda g繹z羹ken zamirler “reflexive pronouns” olarak adland覺r覺l覺r veT羹rk癟ede “kendim”, “kendisi”, “kendimiz” gibi anlamlara gelir.

I-me myself
You-you yourself/yourselves
He -him-himself
She herherself
We-us - ourselves
They them themselves

Aa覺daki T羹rk癟e c羹mleye bak覺n.
Beni b覺癟akla kestim.
Bu c羹mle yanl覺t覺r, 癟羹nk羹 bu c羹mlede “beni” yerine “kendimi” kelimesi kullan覺lmal覺d覺r. imdi aa覺daki ingilizce c羹mleye bak覺n.
I cut me with a knife.
Bu c羹mle de yanl覺t覺r. “Me” beni ve bana anlamlar覺na geldiinden burada kullan覺lmas覺 gereken reflexivepronoun “myself” olmal覺d覺r.
I cut myself with a knife. (Kendimi b覺癟akla kestim.)
Aa覺da reflexive pronounlar覺n kullan覺mlar覺na ilikin 繹rnekler verilmitir.
She fell off her bicycle and hurt herself. (Bisikletinden d羹t羹 ve kendini incitti.)
I sometimes talk to myself. (Bazen kendimle konu罌urum.)
He saw himself in the mirror. (Kendisini aynada g繹rd羹.
They paid for themselves. (Kendi hesaplar覺n覺 繹dediler.)

Reflexive pronoun ne zaman kullan覺l覺r?

Reflexive pronoun 羹癟 temel durumda kullan覺l覺r;

1-When the subject and object are the same(zne ve nesne ayn覺 olduunda)

I hurt myself.(Kendimi incittim) (kendi kendimi)
The band call themselves “Dire Straits”. (Grup kendine “Dire Straits”diyor.
He shot himself. (Kendini vurdu) (kendi kendini)

2- As the object of a preposition, referring to the subject(zneyi g繹steren bir edat覺n nesnesi olarak)

I bought a present for myself.
She did it by herself (=alone). Kendi kendine yapt覺. (=tek ba罌覺na)
That man is talking to himself.

3- When you want to emphasize the subject(zneyi vurgulamak istediiniz durumlarda)

Ill do it myself. (No-one else will help me.)
They ate all the food themselves. (No-one else had any.)

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