That Alabilen S覺fatlar Listesi – YDS Haz覺rl覺k


to be absurd that sa癟ma
to be afraid that korkmu
to be amazed that a覺rm覺
to be annoyed that k覺zg覺n
to be apparent that belli
to be ashamed that utanm覺
to be aware that fark覺da
to be certain that emin *
to be clear that a癟覺k *
to be confident that emin *
to be conscious that fark覺nda
to be convinced that ikna olmu
to be delighted that memnun
to be disappointed that hayal k覺r覺kl覺覺na uram覺
to be evident that belli, a癟覺k *
to be excited that heyecanl覺
to be fortunate that ansl覺
to be furious that k覺zg覺n
to be glad that memnun
to be happy that mutlu
to be impressed that etkilenmi
to be incredible that inan覺lmaz
to be likely that olas覺 *
to be natural that doal
to be obvious that a癟覺k *
to be odd that tuhaf
to be optimistic that iyimser
to be pleased that memnun
to be positive that olumlu
to be possible that olas覺 *
to be proud that gururlu
to be recommendable that tavsiye verilebilir
to be sad that 羹zg羹n
to be shocked that ok olmu
to be sorry that 羹zg羹n
to be strange that tuhaf
to be sure that emin *
to be surprised that a覺rm覺
to be terrified that 羹rkm羹
to be thrilled that cok korkmus
to be unaware that fark覺nda olmayan
to be unlikely that olas覺 olmayan *
to be upset that morali bozuk
to be worried that 羹z羹nt羹l羹

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