Putative ve Tentative Should



“Should” yard覺mc覺 y羹klemi “gereklilik” belirtmesinin yan覺s覺ra baz覺 yap覺larda bunun d覺覺nnda anlamlar y羹klenmektedir. Bu b繹l羹mde ele al覺nan yap覺lar覺n hi癟birinde, dikkat edilecei gibi, “should” yard覺mc覺 y羹klemi “gereklilik” anlam覺n覺 ta覺mamaktad覺r.

  1. Conditional clause ile

D羹羹k bir olas覺l覺k belirtmek i癟in “in case”, “lest”, ya da “if” ile kullan覺l覺r.

– I’ll go and get some more beer in case Bill should come.
– He was cautious lest he should make a mistake.
– If you should see him, tell him to see me.

“If” ile kullan覺m覺nda devrik yap覺 oluturabilir.

– Should you see him, tell him to see me.

  1. “So that” ve “in order that” ile

– He turned the volume down so that we should hear him.
Onu duymam覺z i癟in sesi k覺st覺.

Bu kullan覺mda “should” yerine “could/would” gibi yard覺mc覺 y羹klemler de kullan覺labilir. eviri a癟覺s覺ndan, “could” kullan覺ld覺覺nda “-EbIl” tak覺s覺n覺n eklenmesi d覺覺nda, hi癟bir deiiklik olumaz.

  1. Zorunluluk ya da 繹nem belirtmede

Zorunluluk, 繹nem ve tercih belirten

agree, demand, marvel, regret, advise, desire, move, rejoice, allow, determine, ordain, request, arrange, enjoin, order, require, ask, ensure, pledge, resolve, beg, entreat, play, rule, command, grant, prefer, stipulate, concede, insist, pronounce, suggest, decide, instruct, propose, urge, decree, intend, recommend, vote, wonder

y羹klemleri ve

absurd, better, just, ridiculous, advisable, concerned, ludicrous, right, amazing, eager, natural, strange, annoying, essential, necessary, surprising, anxious, important, odd, vital

s覺fatlar覺 ile kullan覺l覺r. Kimi zaman, aa覺da verilen 羹癟羹nc羹 繹rnek c羹mlede olduu gibi, “should” at覺l覺r ve y羹klem yal覺n kal覺r. eviri a癟覺s覺ndan “should” kelimesinin olmas覺 ya da olmamas覺 bir deiiklik getirmez.

– He insisted that the contract should be read aloud.
– We recommend that you wait until the rain stops.
should leave
– People are demanding that she leave (AmE) the company.
– It is amazing that she should confess the murder.

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