That Alabilen ─░simler Listesi – YDS Haz─▒rl─▒k


the  allegation  that iddia
the  argument  that iddia
the  assumption  that varsayım
the┬á belief┬á that inan├ž
the┬á chance┬á that┬á ┼čans
the  claim  that iddia
the┬á concern┬á that endi┼če
the┬á conclusion┬á that sonu├ž
the┬á doubt┬á that ┼č├╝phe
the  evidence  that kanıt
the  expectation  that beklenti
the┬á explanation┬á that a├ž─▒klama
the┬á fact┬á that ger├žek
the  fear  that korku
the  hope  that umut
the  idea  that fikir
the  impression  that izlenim
the┬á indication┬á that g├Âsterge
the  miracle  that mucize
the  news  that haber
the  notion  that olgu
the┬á observation┬á that g├Âzlem
the  opinion  that fikir
the  pity  that yazık
the  possibility  that olasılık
the┬á prediction┬á that ├Ânceden tahmin
the  premise  that iddia
the  principle  that prensip
the  probability  that olasılık
the  proof  that kanıt
the  reason  that  neden
the┬á recommendation┬á that ├Âneri
the  relief  that rahatlama
the  rumour  that dedikodu
the  shame  that ayıp, yazık
the┬á stipulation┬á that ├Ân ┼čart ko┼čma
the┬á suggestion┬á that ├Âneri
(a good)┬á thing┬á that iyi bir ┼čey
the┬á view┬á that g├Âr├╝┼č
the┬á wonder┬á that ┼ča┼č─▒lacak olay

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