Although, Even though ve Despite / In spite of Kullan覺mlar覺 ve rnek C羹mleler

Although, Even though ve Despite Kullan覺mlar覺 ve rnek C羹mleler

Although,even though vedespite / in spite ofkullan覺m olarak birbirinin ayn覺s覺 gibi g繹r羹n羹r ama gramer olarak 癟ok farkl覺 kullan覺mlar覺 vard覺r. Aa覺da her bir bala癟(conjunction) i癟in 繹rnek c羹mleler vard覺r.


although, even though(+ clause)

Although ve even though iki c羹mleyi birbirine balar. Despite ve in spite of’tan en temel fark覺 budur.

Even though he’s a millionaire, he lives in avery small flat.

T羹rk癟e Anlam覺: O milyoner olmas覺na ramen(even though), k羹癟羹k bir dairede ya覺yor.

He lives in a very small flat even thoughhe’s a millionaire.

Although / even though he’s much olderthan the others, he won the race.

He won the race although / even thoughhe’s much older than the others.

Even though / although it rained a lot, Ienjoyed the holiday.

Even though / although they have a lot ofmoney, they’re still not happy.


despite, in spite of(+ verb + -ing)

Despite ve in spite of verb(fiil) + -ing ile kullan覺l覺r.

Despite / in spite of being a millionaire, helives in a very small 麍at.

T羹rk癟e Anlam覺: Milyoner olmas覺na ramen, O k羹癟羹k bir dairedeya覺yor.

He lives in a very small flat despite / inspite of being a millionaire.

Despite / in spite of being much older thanthe others, he won the race.

He won the race despite / in spite of beingmuch older than the others.

Despite / in spite of the rain, I enjoyed theholiday.

Despite / in spite of their money, they’restill not happy.

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