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襤ngilizce s覺navlar覺na y繹nelik online soru 癟繹zmek i癟in; 1- 襤ngilizce Gramer Sisteminde Tense Uyumu olduk癟a 繹nemlidir. Bu konu zaman zaman s覺navlarda,繹zellikle gramer ve yar覺m c羹mle sorular覺nda sorgulanmaktad覺r. Daha 繹nce 襤ngilizcede iki Tenseolduunu g繹rm羹t羹k. Bunlar; – Present Tenses – Past Tenses idi. “Tense Uyumu” da bu iki bal覺a dayanmaktad覺r. Buna g繹re 繹zellikle Zaman Bala癟lar覺 (Time Adverbials) ve

2013 襤lkbahar YDS 1. Tens Sorusu ve 繹z羹m羹

Soru: The physics of elementary particles in the 20th century —- by the observation of particles whose existence —- by theorists decades earlier. A) has been distinguished / was predicted B) distinguished / is being predicted C) was distinguished / had been predicted D) is distinguished / has been predicted E) had been distinguished /

2012 襤lkbahar KPDS 2. Tens Sorusu ve 繹z羹m羹

Soru: The tradition of sculpting in clay —- as early as AD 800, and ultimately it —- as the point of departure for related works that were cast in metal. A) should have developed / has served B) has developed / had served C) may have developed / served D) would have developed / will

2012 襤lkbahar KPDS 1. Tens Sorusu ve 繹z羹m羹

Soru: Unlike broadcast television, an interactive TV service provider —- customers to choose which service to use at any given time, whether it —- shopping, watching a film or playing games. A) has allowed / might have been B) allows / is C) allowed / would be D) would allow / should have been E)

2012 Sonbahar KPDS 2. Tens Sorusu ve 繹z羹m羹

Soru: New York City —- the first US ban on large-size sodas and other sugary drinks —- in restaurants. A) is approving / having been sold B) approved / to be sold C) was approving / having sold D) approves / to have been sold E) has approved / being sold

2012 Sonbahar KPDS 1. Tens Sorusu ve 繹z羹m羹

Soru: In some cases, we —- sufficient data on old events, not because of a lack of imagination but because the appropriate technology —- available at the time. A) would not have / is not B) should not have / had not been C) did not have / has not been D) do not have

2013 襤lkbahar YDS 3. Tens Sorusu ve 繹z羹m羹

Soru: —- the types of individuals it seeks to attract, an organization —- to consider what methods to use to reach them A) To have established / could need B) Having established / needs C) Establishing / had needed D) Established / needed E) Being established / will need

2013 襤lkbahar YDS 2. Tens Sorusu ve 繹z羹m羹

Soru: At the end of the First World War, the leaders of victorious countries gathered at Versailles, and there, they —- to decide what penalties Germany, Austria and other allies —-. A) tried / would have to pay B) had tried / must have paid C) were trying / were paying D) used to try