Baz覺 Fiillerin ‘To’, ‘For’ ve ‘At’ ile Kullan覺m覺

Baz覺 Fiillerin ‘To’, ‘For’ ve ‘At’ ile Kullan覺m覺 To prepositionunun kullan覺ld覺覺 baz覺 繹nemli fiiller; talk, listen, speak, write, apologise, belong, happen… for preopositionunun kullan覺ld覺覺 baz覺 繹nemli fiiler; wait, look, ask, apply, blame, care… atpreopositionunun kullan覺ld覺覺 baz覺 繹nemli fiiler; smile, stare, aim at, look, point, laugh… Aa覺daki listede 繹rnek c羹mlelerde mevcuttur;

Prepositions; IN, ON, AT

in, on, at;

Some verbs use TO, FOR ve AT (Baz覺 Fiillerin TO, FOR ve AT ile Kullan覺m覺)


Use Of In, On, At (in, on, at kullan覺m覺 temel seviye)

Use of -in -on -at;

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