While ve When Kullan覺m覺


While ve When Kullan覺m覺

YDS s覺nav覺nda s覺k癟a kar覺la覺lan bala癟lard覺r.

When ve While bala癟lar覺n覺n Past Continuous Tenselerde genellikle 2 ekilde kullan覺l覺rlar.

When + simple past tense
rnek c羹mleler;
When I saw her, he was playing football. (Onu g繹rd羹羹mde futbol oynuyordu.)
When She came in, I was listening music. (O i癟eri girdiinde, ben m羹zik dinliyordu..)
I was writing something when he came in. (O geldiinde, ben bireyler yaz覺yordum.)
When I went out, it was raining. (D覺ar覺 癟覺kt覺覺mda yamur ya覺yordu.)

“When” pepee yap覺lan eylemleri anlatmak i癟in de kullan覺l覺r. Her iki c羹mleninde Simple Past Tense olmas覺 gereklidir.
rnek c羹mleler;
When he arrived, we went into the museum.(O gelince, m羹zeye girdik.)
When she left work, he got on a taxi. (襤ten 癟覺k覺nca, taksiye bindi.)
I was sitting when Aye telephoned. (Aye telefon ettii zaman ben oturuyordum.)

WHILE + past continuous tense
While” balac覺 bir olay devam ederken ayn覺 anda olan baka bir olay覺 anlatmak i癟in kullan覺l覺r.

While I was sitting, he came in. (Ben otururken o geldi.)
I left home while my parents were speaking each other. (Annem babam kendi aralar覺nda konuurken evden 癟覺kt覺m.)
While I was playing football , she was listening music. (Ben futbol oynuyorken, o m羹zik dinliyordu.)

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