Concession Clause (T羹rk癟e, Anla覺labilir ve Detayl覺 Anlat覺m)



Even if, even though, whereas, while, whilst,Despite, In spite of vs kullan覺m覺.



1.1. Although / Though

“y羹klem” + -mEsInE ramen/kar覺n; -DII halde

– Although he is young, he is not inexperienced.
Gen癟 olmas覺na kar覺n tecr羹besiz deil.

Devrik yap覺 ile de kullan覺labilir.

– Careful though/as she was, she couldn’t prevent the accident.
(=Although she was …)

1.2. Even if/Even though

T羹rk癟e’ye 癟evirisi “although” ile ayn覺d覺r. “Even if” “-sE bile” olarak aktar覺labilir.

– He borrowed my jacket even though I’d told him not to.
Almamas覺n覺 s繹ylememe ramen ceketimi 繹d羹n癟 ald覺.

– You have to be on time even if the lesson starts very early.
Ders 癟ok erken balasa bile dakik olmal覺s覺n.

1.3. Whereas

T羹rk癟e’ye “although” gibi ya da “… ise de”, “… iken” ile aktar覺l覺r.

– Whereas he has plenty of money, he has no-one to trust.
ok paras覺 varsa da g羹venilecei bir tek kimsesi yok.

1.4. While /Whilst

T羹rk癟e’ye “although” gibi aktar覺l覺r.

– While he is rather nice, sometimes he is a menace.
Olduk癟a sevimli olmas覺na ramen bazen bir babelas覺.

In spite of
Irrespective of + the fact that
Regardless of

T羹rk癟e’ye “…( ger癟ein)e kar覺nn/ramen” ile aktar覺l覺rlar.

– Despite the fact that he is rather nice, sometimes he is a menace.
(=Although he is …)

1.6. As

Devrik yap覺 durumunda “ramen” anlam覺 ta覺yabilir.

– Tired as I was, I went on walking.
(=Although I was tired …)
– Change your mind as you will, you will gain no support.
(=Although you may change …)

Bu yap覺 “Reason ” veya “Similarity Clause” olarak da kullan覺labilir.
“As” kelimesi yerine “that” kullan覺ld覺覺 da g繹r羹l羹r.

Fool that he was, he made no mistakes.
Aptal olmas覺na ramen hi癟 hata yapmad覺.

1.7. As … as

Bu yap覺 ender olarak kullan覺l覺r.

– As widespread as his fame may be, he is not well-known in this part of the country.
(=Although his fame may be widespread, …)


2.1. Despite/In spite of

isim [1]
despite/in spite of +
-ing [2]

y羹klem + -mEsInE ramen/kar覺n
isim + -E ramen/kar覺n

– He came in spite of his illness. [1]
being ill. [2]
Hastal覺覺na/Hasta olmas覺na ramen geldi.

2.2. Irrespective of, Regardless of, Notwithstanding

irrespective of isim
regardless of +
notwithstanding WH

isim + -E ramen/kar覺n
y羹klem + -mEsInE ramen/kar覺n
“g繹z 繹n羹ne al覺nmaks覺z覺n”

– Regardless of whatever he may say, do it as you please.
Onun ne diyebileceini d羹羹nmeksizin, dilediin gibi yap.

2.3. …, still / yet

…, still/yet + -ing [1] / c羹mle [2]

yine de, ancak, fakat, bun(lar)a kar覺n


– He suffered a lot, yet never giving in. [1]
he never gave in. [2]
ok ac覺 癟ekti ama asla pes etmedi.

  1. Given (that)

Yerine g繹re koul anlam覺 da verebilen bu yap覺 pek s覺k kullan覺lmamaktad覺r.

– Given her charm, she is alone.
that she has charm, she is alone.
ekici olmas覺na ramen/Cazibesine ramen, yaln覺z.

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