YDS Ba─čla├žlar (YDS de s─▒k├ža kar┼č─▒la┼č─▒lan ba─čla├žlar)

Yds i├žin ├žok ├Ânemli ba─čla├žlar─▒n listesi;

Other = D─░─×ER

Others = D─░─×ERLER─░ (genel ifade)

Another = BA┼×KA B─░R

The other = D─░─×ER─░

The others = D─░─×ERLER─░ (├Âzel ifade, ├Âzel biri)

Each other = B─░RB─░R─░N─░

That is, = YAN─░

In that = A├çISINDAN, ├ç├ťNK├ť

Even = B─░LE, DAH─░

Even so = B├ľYLE OLSA B─░LE

After = .DEN SONRA

Afterwards = DAHA SONRA

Rather = DAHA Z─░YADE

Rather than = .DEN Z─░YADE

Instead = BUNUN YER─░NE

Instead of =.IN YER─░NE

Much as = .E RA─×MEN

As much = .KADAR ÇOK

As such = BU Y├ťZDEN

Such as = ├ľRNE─×─░N

Only if = ANCAK … SA

If only = KE┼×KE … SA

Before long = ÇOK GEÇMEDEN

Long before = ├çOK ├ľNCE

As a consequence, = SONUÇ OLARAK

As a consequence of = .IN SONUCU OLARAK

Though = .E RA─×MEN

As though = .M─░┼× G─░B─░

But for = OLMASA(YDI)

Even so, = B├ľYLE OLSA B─░LE

Even though = .E RA─×MEN

Even after = .DEN SONRA B─░LE

Even before = .DEN ├ľNCE B─░LE

Even when = .DI─×I ZAMAN B─░LE

Unlike = .IN AKS─░NE

In contrast = AKS─░NE

Contrary to = .IN AKS─░NE

In contrast to = .IN AKS─░NE

On the contrary = AKS─░NE

Apart From = -DEN BA┼×KA, HAR─░├ç

Except For = HARİÇ




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