2012 ─░lkbahar KPDS 7. Ba─čla├ž ve Preposition Sorusu ve ├ç├Âz├╝m├╝

Soru: Generally, social media platforms can be thought of as virtual meeting places which function to encourage the exchange of media content among users who are —- producers —- consumers.

A) both / and
B) more / than
C) just / like
D) so / that
E) such / as


├ç├Âz├╝m: Do─čru Cevap: A

2 bo┼čluk aras─▒nda g├╝r├╝ld├╝─č├╝ bir paralellik vard─▒r. producers(├╝reticiler) ve consumers(t├╝keticiler) aras─▒na hangi ba─čla├žlar gelmelidir diye soruyor.

users dan sonra who ile tan─▒mlama yap─▒lm─▒┼č. bu kullan─▒c─▒lar ki, hem ├╝retici hem de t├╝keticiler dir anlam─▒ var.

Bu nedenle do─čru cevap Both … and … dir. both producers and consumers

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