─░ngilizce Soru ├ç├Âz├╝mleri

2012 ─░lkbahar KPDS 4. C├╝mle Tamamlama Sorusu ve ├ç├Âz├╝m├╝

Soru: If they are striving to do their work ethically, ——–. A) history teachers will need to discuss the moral implications of events with their students B) no one can effectively teach children how people should behave in a conflict C) citizensÔÇÖ worldviews are often related to the realities of their daily lives D) there

2012 ─░lkbahar KPDS 3. C├╝mle Tamamlama Sorusu ve ├ç├Âz├╝m├╝

Soru: When employees lack skill and interest, ——–. A) performing a job well means people should also help manage it B) expecting them to lead a project successfully is unrealistic C) the goal would be to increase communication in a unit D) unnecessary interference and distractions will cease E) too much appraisal will make it

2012 ─░lkbahar KPDS 2. C├╝mle Tamamlama Sorusu ve ├ç├Âz├╝m├╝

Soru: ———-, while the early pioneers of intelligence testing were mostly interested in theoretical questions about the nature of intelligence. A) IQ tests initially ignored the development of intelligence B) Determining what intelligence is and how it changes has not been easy C) Theoretical issues in intelligence testing tradition have overshadowed practical ones D) Any

2012 ─░lkbahar KPDS 1. C├╝mle Tamamlama Sorusu

┬á2012 ─░lkbahar KPDS 1. C├╝mle Tamamlama Sorusu┬á Soru: Even if we have a lot of work, ———. A) we have some difficulties in making our future plans clear B) we┬ádo not usually complain about being busy C) there are various conditions┬áthat affect our behaviour D)┬áwe never tend to pay attention to relationships E) some details