İngilizce Soru Çözümleri

2013 İlkbahar YDS 2. Tens Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: At the end of the First World War, the leaders of victorious countries gathered at Versailles, and there, they —- to decide what penalties Germany, Austria and other allies —-. A) tried / would have to pay B) had tried / must have paid C) were trying / were paying D) used to try

2011 İlkbahar(Mayıs) KPDS 1. Phrasalverbs Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: European Union foreign ministers have urged the Serb authorities to —– the two fugitives by the end of the March. A) set out B) tidy up C) step down D) take off E) turn over

2012 İlkbahar(Mayıs) KPDS 1. Phrasalverbs Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: Leaders with different political styles have launched daring projects to take Japan out of the economic recession, but in the long run, they may —- colliding with each other. A) make out B) give in C) act out D) fight off E) end up

2012 Sonbahar KPDS 1. Phrasalverbs Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: Companies must utilize key capabilities wherever they exist, including direct investment to —- operations in locations where rare opportunities can be developed. A) set up B) leave off C) get through D) hand in E) take over

2013 İlkbahar YDS 2. Phrasalverbs Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: By mapping equatorial rainfall since 800 AD, scientists have —- how tropical weather may change over the next century. A) taken out B) put aside C) brought down D) figured out E) counted upon

2013 İlkbahar YDS 1. Phrasalverbs Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: In non-literate societies, valuable information about the past is often enshrined in oral tradition – poems, hymns or sayings —- from generation to generation by word of mouth. A) taken off B) handed down C) thrown up D) kept off E) rooted out

2012 Sonbahar KPDS 4. Kelime Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: Phobias are intense, irrational fears which cannot be —- even when the sufferer is aware, as is usually the case, that there is no reason for the fear. A) spoilt B) undergone C) foreseen D) initiated E) overcome

2012 Sonbahar KPDS 3. Kelime Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: Scientists have developed a new blood test for Alzheimer’s disease that can —- identify 93% of people who have the condition. A) severely B) accurately C) separately D) abusively E) incidentally

2012 Sonbahar KPDS 2. Kelime Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: A new historical record offers —- evidence that Africans and their descendants contributed enormously to the formation of Mexican culture. A) frustrating B) inferior C) redundant D) devastating E) compelling

2012 Sonbahar KPDS 1. Kelime Sorusu ve Çözümü

Soru: The basic unit of currency of the Ottoman Empire was the silver akçe in which all the revenues and —- of the state were calculated. A) precautions B) conventions C) expenditures D) placements E) establishments